When Champions Choose

Germany won olympic gold on POLIGRAS® OLYMPIA in BEIJING 2008.
Men’s hockey gold medal match.

BEIJING, Aug. 23  — Germany won the gold medal of the Olympic men’s hockey tournament, defeating Spain 1-0. Though Spain tried hard to crack down the German defence, they were finally denied a goal. Germany held on 1-0 to the very end.
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Poligras Druck
Upcoming major events on POLIGRAS®:

  • Asian Youth Olympic Games, 14. – 26 August 2010
  • FIH World Cup 2010
  • Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, India.

Following the Beijing Olympics, East Asian Games and both the women and men Champions Trophy all held on POLIGRAS surfaces, top hockey athletes will be able to enjoy the outstanding playing characteristics delivered with the world’s most advanced water saving technology developed in Melbourne and installed by STI
(Sports Technology International).

POLIGRAS is official trademark of Advanced Polymer Technology Corporation.
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