APT is proud to have AstroTurf as part of the SportGroup family!

From Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, SportGroup is a global manufacturer and installer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings, and synthetic turf. Our chemists and engineers work with top professionals from a variety of sports and technical fields to create the characteristics necessary to bring out the best performance in a surface and in an athlete. The perfect surface is our passion, our goal, and the focus of our commitment! SportGroup has brought together the most reputable brands in American sports –AstroTurf® + Rekortan® + Laykold®

About AstroTurf:

AstroTurf – One of the world’s most recognizable brands. The AstroTurf name was born in 1964, when synthetic turf was first installed at the Houston Astrodome. In the half century since, technology has rapidly improved. AstroTurf products come ever closer to replicating the feel, performance, and safety of the gold standard – natural grass. Today AstroTurf combines forward-thinking, ingenuity, and disciplined R&D to deliver playing surfaces with the best sport-specific performance, durability, and player protection.

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