Rekortan M99 & E-layer at SUNY Oswego’s Romney Field House

SUNY Oswego’s Romney Field House is set to open this spring after major reconstruction. The existing 50 year old structure had some hurdles to overcome in order to place the elayer in planer fashion. Tolerance proved to be the biggest challenge . ATT Sports (one of APT’s US Rekortan Spurtan Partners) was able to successfully jump those hurdles and installed a 20 mm elastic layer over a concrete, asphalt, and dirt base. The next phase of the project involved sealing the track portion and installing a new 200 meter Rekortan M99 track. After 24 working days of contruction, SUNY Oswego is now the proud new owner of a 44,000 square foot elastic layer and 25,000 square foot Rekortan M99 running track! (See project photos below.)

Project Designer – Clough Harbor Associates, Albany NY

Surface Installation – ATT Sports, Berlin NJ

SUNY Oswego Field House Sign 1SUNY Oswego Prep WorkSUNY Oswego Romney FH Elayer 1SUNY Oswego Romney FH Elayer 2SUNY Oswego First LayerSUNY Oswego First Layer 2SUNY Oswego Final 2SUNY Oswego Final 3