LAYKOLD for Kingsway Sports Complex

The City of Wanneroo in WA has a master plan to establish a 70ha super sports complex for the growing community.

When finished the complex will be the home to soccer, rugby union, football baseball, softball, cricket and 57 netball courts.

Four thousand netball players using the complex each weekend alone demonstrates the passion for sport from the local and extended communities. The redevelopment of the netball courts from unforgiving bitumen to Laykold Super-grip is being achieved in two stages. Stage one of 30 Laykold courts is complete on the eastern side of the complex. Fifteen Laykold courts on the upper level and fifteen on the lower level in Melbourne Blue and Medium Green were expertly installed by STI agent West Coast Synthetic Surfaces.Kingsway 4 web

Wanneroo District Netball Association’s Trish Robinson said “The new courts are fantastic, the feedback from the players after the first week of the season was very positive”. The Laykold Super Grip system provides players with increased playability and comfort. Trist Robinson explained “the courts previously had a bitumen surface, so if anyone fell they would often be cut or grazed, and it put a lot of pressure on knees and ankles”. The new Laykold courts are part of a $3.2 million redevelopment partly funded by a $2.8 million federal grant a wise investment in the community’s ongoing health and wellbeing.