Whether it’s hockey, football, rugby, AFL, tennis or any sport, our synthetic turf systems have established themselves in modern ball sports and have been successfully used in stadiums, sports centres and clubs for many years.

Our Poligras® hockey range is a complex, high tech system, which consists of an elastic base layer, the actual turf surface and, if necessary, natural filling materials. Various components with special properties are used depending on the intended hockey use. Poligras® surfaces utilise non-directional, polyethylene sports yarn to provide optimum ball surface interaction.

With our Poligras® range, we offer perfect solutions with ideal playing properties for every demand and every budget – from multipurpose pitches through to stadiums for professionals.

Extensive research and development is undertaken by a trained team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required for hockey or indeed multi-sport suitability. Our flexibility to accommodate your needs sets us apart from our competitors.

We have been developing, producing and installing high quality Poligras® surfaces worldwide for many decades. Each and every day we put our full commitment, expertise and passion into providing clubs and athletes with the perfect surface.

Poligras Resources

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