Laykold® court surfacing systems can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance.

Laykold® is the number one choice of premier tennis facilities across the world and is also widely used for pickleball courts, all weather basketball courts, game courts, and in-line skating.

Laykold® is the official surface of major tournaments such as:

Choose from hard court, cushion court, Laykold Traditional systems or our Laykold Masters systems

Laykold Masters Gel – the next generation in court technology.
Laykold sets the standard in performance with the best force reduction and energy return on the market. Our Laykold Masters Gel products create a new and cutting-edge category in court surfaces which includes sustainable and revolutionary design merged with the best force reduction in court surface systems. Incorporating 60%+ renewable resources, this all-weather court has changed the market.

Both recreational players and elite athletes benefit from the Laykold Masters Gel product with improved player safety, reduction in join impact, minimized foot depression, and reduced fatigue. The true fence to fence cushioning provides consistent ball speed and foothold, all while reducing injury, and increasing performance. This advanced technology will also retain up to 98% flexibility even after 10 years!

Having a difficult time deciding which surface is best for you? Let us help you decide.

Using the Color Selector on the right, you can create the perfect color combination for your court. Click “inside” and “outside” to choose from our selection of UV stable, glare resistant colors.

Next, let us help you decide which type of court fits your needs. Just answer a few questions in the form below to highlight the Laykold system that is best for you.

Looking for stencils to personalize your court? Click here and check out Stencil Masters.

Stencil Masters creates custom vinyl paint masks for the application of logos onto any sports surface. Stencil Masters’ special blend of vinyl transfer paper significantly reduces the amount of bleed marks.



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Color Selector

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Standard Vibrant
Standard Vibrant
Laykold: The New Colors of Hard Rock Tennis

Which court is best for me?

Answer a few simple question and the chart to the right will show you what court fits your needs.

Do you prefer a cushion court or a hardcourt?

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What type of warranty do you require?

  • 1 year
  • 2 year
  • 5 years

What type of cushion level/force reduction do you require?

  • 10%+
  • 14%+
  • 20%+
  • 60%+

Do you require a permanent surface or transportable temporary event floor?

  • Permanent
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  Hardcourt Cushion Court

Official Surface of:

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ColorCoat, ColorFlex Advantage, Pickleball Pro Masters Color Cushion Plus, Pickleball ProPlus Masters 5 Masters Gel Masters 8, Float, Indoor Masters Montreal Masters Rome
Custom colors avaliable                  
UV stable colors                  
Slip resistant, injury reduction                  
Long lasting, recoatable                  
Glare resistant                  
Environmentally friendly, no heavy metals or solvents                  
Specifically designed for demanding sports traffic                  
Cushioned system                  
1 Year warranty                  
2 Year warranty                  
5 Year warranty                  
Designed for existing substrates with cracks or imperfections                  
Excellent force reduction Cushion level 10%+                  
Outstanding force reduction Cushion level 14%+                  
Premium force reduction Cushion level 20%+                  
Premium force reduction Cushion level 60%+                  
Features APT's Green Technology                  
Structurally reinforced playing surface                  
Uses a wood subfloor system for superior shock absorption                  
Versatile and can be used for retrofits, new installations, overlays                  
Use for events and as temporary surface system                  

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