SmarTracks by Rekortan – Intelligent Track For Athletes and Coaches Who Want To Know More!

SmarTracks systems provide effortless and precise data logging thanks to their built-in time recording systems. Measurement systems are built into the track using magnetic gates. The measurement data is recorded automatically by a fabric based measurement sensor attached to the athletes. Data, such as running time, distance, step frequency, step quantity, step length, speed, jumping, and tapping is documented in a training log. Pre-drafted training plans make it easy to compare and analyze your training level, identify performance reserves, and improve overall performance. SmarTracks provides athletes and coaches with the perfect solution for increasing effectiveness during training and prevents strain and injury from too much training.

What makes SmarTracks different from other coaching software? Because the measurement system is built into the track, there is no set up or dismantling, the system is waterproof and vandal proof, and there is no barrier necessary for the diagnostic training areas. But what truly separates SmarTracks is the fact that multiple athletes can train at the same time! Coaches can evaluate data on various athletes in a realistic competition setting all at once. There is also no need for a diagnostic professional to read and report the data. Results are logged and available for immediate review by coaches and athletes.

SmarTracks records the key parameters:

  • Running times
  • Interval times
  • Distances
  • Speed
  • Step frequency
  • Step length
  • Jumping
  • Tapping

SmarTracks Benefits:

  • Fixed measuring points – no set-up or dismantling required
  • Waterproof and vandal-proof
  • No barrier necessary for the diagnostic training areas
  • No limit to the number of athletes who can train at the same time
  • Low measuring tolerances
  • Individual design
  • Diagnostics without special diagnostic professionals
  • Diagnostics of running times, interval times and speed
  • Diagnostics of long distances

SmarTracks Resources

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