Our synthetic turf systems are the result of decades-long research and development. We continuously drive towards the same goal – to produce synthetic surfaces that are specially designed to combine playability, durability, and the demands of football activities which enable athletes to achieve perfect performances.

Our LigaTurf range is manufactured in Melbourne Australia,our ISO approved facility and in the United States and Germany. We independently test for quality, durability and performance. This means that every surface we install is guaranteed not only to look good but also to perform at the highest standard all year round.

Research and development is undertaken by our trained team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required for each code, or indeed multi-sport suitability. With the in-house team directing the manufacture of our LigaTurf range, the result is a product that exceeds athlete expectations. Our flexibility to accommodate your needs sets us apart from our competitors.

Sports is a combination of passion and technique; when these two elements meet they create sublime, magical moments.
We have the surface to suit your every need and that surface is LigaTurf.


All our synthetic surfaces comply with the current national and international standards, including all environmental requirements. The consistent high quality of our surfaces is ensured by 100% final inspection and testing according to our ISO 9001 certification. Our LigaTurf systems can be tested and certified upon completion to meet one or all of the international football bodies performance requirements.

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