LAYKOLD for Kingsway Sports Complex

The City of Wanneroo in WA has a master plan to establish a 70ha super sports complex for the growing community.

When finished the complex will be the home to soccer, rugby union, football baseball, softball, cricket and 57 netball courts.

Four thousand netball players using the complex each weekend alone demonstrates the passion for sport from the local and extended communities. The redevelopment of the netball courts from unforgiving bitumen to Laykold Super-grip is being achieved in two stages. Stage one of 30 Laykold courts is complete on the eastern side of the complex. Fifteen Laykold courts on the upper level and fifteen on the lower level in Melbourne Blue and Medium Green were expertly installed by STI agent West Coast Synthetic Surfaces.Kingsway 4 web

Wanneroo District Netball Association’s Trish Robinson said “The new courts are fantastic, the feedback from the players after the first week of the season was very positive”. The Laykold Super Grip system provides players with increased playability and comfort. Trist Robinson explained “the courts previously had a bitumen surface, so if anyone fell they would often be cut or grazed, and it put a lot of pressure on knees and ankles”. The new Laykold courts are part of a $3.2 million redevelopment partly funded by a $2.8 million federal grant a wise investment in the community’s ongoing health and wellbeing.


The European Union (EU) counting 27 member states as of December 2009 is a multilingual place, a versatile conglomerate of nations with 23 official languages and scores of minority and regional languages.

Yet, on international level the majority of people use the English language for business. English has become the lingua franca and is expected to be understood within the EU. Still, there are many people speaking many languages. The national languages are fundamental for Europeans wanting to work together. According to Leonard Orban, “they go to the very heart of the unity in diversity of the European Union.”Spurtan BV

APT follows the European Commissioner for Multilingualism, Leonard Orban, who argues for the maintenance of multilingualism as part of the European identity. Hence, APT issues its documents in various official languages of the EU. Recently APT issued the SPURTAN® BV RAPPORT D’ESSAI 2010 in French. Subject of the testings conducted by IAAF accredited IST Consulting GmbH (Member of the International Association of Sports Surface Sciences), was the products compatability according to EN 14877 – Synthetic Sports Surfacing for Track and Field Venues.

For information on test reports in the various languages of the EU member states
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SPURTAN BV for the University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon has a new 6 Lane Athletic Track.
A new 6 lane competition area plus a 6 lane training area.
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Glam-Set-Match at the Sony Ericsson Open 2010

Celebrity showdown on Laykold Royal Purple Center Court.

Jay Sean, Mel B, Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic wowed fans in Miami today as the worlds of tennis and entertainment collided in “Glam-Set-Match”, a mixed doubles showdown that took place to celebrate the start of the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open on our Laykold Royal Purple court.  Each global superstar teamed up with a world-renowned tennis player to battle it out, with Jay Sean and Ana Ivanovic coming out on top over Mel B and Novak Djokovic in a hotly contested game from start to finish.
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Overseeing the action was Miami funnyman Benji B, who made sure that the players kept within the rules…of an American Football game! Meanwhile match MC and ‘Real Housewives of New York’ reality show star Kelly Killoren Bensimon kept the fans in Miami on top of the action with live stadium commentary.

Take a look at how all the stars and their partners got on.

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Australia wins FIH World Cup on POLIGRAS® Olympia

Aus TeamThe FIH World Cup final between Germany and Australia had the two top mens’ hockey team fight for the trophy on POLIGRAS® Olympia. Australia, whose previous World Cup title came way back in 1986, had lost the last two finals against Germany in 2002 and 2006, but had the upper hand this time. With a final score of 2:1 the Germans, hoping to become the first team in history to bag a hat-trick of titles, were outpaced by the speedy Australians. On POLIGRAS® Olympia – the official pitch of the FIH World Cup, Luke Doerner scored the winning penalty corner 11 minutes from the end after Eddie Ockenden had put the Kookaburras ahead in the sixth minute and Moritz Fuerste drew level for Germany in the 48th.
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The POLIGRAS® Olympia surface in the remodeled and reconstructed Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium provided the stage for the approx 12,000 spectators following the match that showcased the best two teams of the competition. STI Managing Director Stephen Niven, who had the opportunity to visit the venue during the pool matches summarized: “As an Australian company STI is extremely proud to do its part to support elite hockey globally”. Interestingly, Australian legendary coach Ric Charlesworth watched the final from the stands behind the goal, rather than on the bench, just as he had done in the semi-final against the Netherlands. Charlesworth, who was part of Australia’s Cup winning squad in 1986, became only the second man after Dutchman Hans Jorritsma to win the World Cup both as a player and coach.

Congratulations to the Kookaburras from the STI team back home!

TI – Official Pitch Supplier FIH World Cup 2010

Hockey World Cup

Sony Ericsson Open 2010

The 2010 Sony Ericsson Open once again will deliver the best in tennis
in a setting that truly is a paradise.

APKeep abreast of the water quality of the home, the waterproofing design of the whole machine, the appearance of small and high precision technology. Whirlpool filter To provide the family with high quality net drinking water filter 3 , from inside to outside, take care of every link.T is one of the gold sponsors of the Sony Ericsson Open with the royal purple LAYKOLD® courts. Don’t miss any of the action on the purple courts. Sony Ericsson Open ticket packages are on sale now. Save your tickets today.

full stadium


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POLIGRAS for FIH World Cup 2010

FIH World Cup The POLIGRAS OLYMPIA hockey pitch for the FIH World Cup 2010 and Commonwealth Games 2010 has been handed over in an opening ceremony in Delhí, India. Sports Minister MS Gill opened the remodeled and reconstructed Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in a much anticipated ceremony on January 24th. The historic stadium, where the first Asian Games were held in 1951, will be the venue of the hockey World Cup which begins on February 28. The Stadium is the first Commonwealth Games venue in the Indian capital to be completed and showcased to the world.
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The 16,200-seat stadium features a POLIGRAS Olympia surface, state of the art sound system with acoustic effects, floodlighting, two scoreboards as well as state of the art facilities for players and officials. The selection of POLIGRAS Olympia is another milestone in STI’s success of providing outstanding surfaces for top level sporting events.

Following the Beijing Olympics, East Asian Games and both the women and men Champions Trophy all held on POLIGRAS surfaces, top hockey athletes will be able to enjoy the outstanding playing characteristics delivered with the world’s most advanced water saving technology developed in Melbourne and installed by Sports Technology International.

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When Champions Choose

Germany won olympic gold on POLIGRAS® OLYMPIA in BEIJING 2008.
Men’s hockey gold medal match.

BEIJING, Aug. 23  — Germany won the gold medal of the Olympic men’s hockey tournament, defeating Spain 1-0. Though Spain tried hard to crack down the German defence, they were finally denied a goal. Germany held on 1-0 to the very end.
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Poligras Druck
Upcoming major events on POLIGRAS®:

  • Asian Youth Olympic Games, 14. – 26 August 2010
  • FIH World Cup 2010
  • Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, India.

Following the Beijing Olympics, East Asian Games and both the women and men Champions Trophy all held on POLIGRAS surfaces, top hockey athletes will be able to enjoy the outstanding playing characteristics delivered with the world’s most advanced water saving technology developed in Melbourne and installed by STI
(Sports Technology International).

POLIGRAS is official trademark of Advanced Polymer Technology Corporation.
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